Two Sis

Its almost five past seven in the morning. I wake up craving for an Indian breakfast. Looking through the apartment window in Pyrmont I can see Vrindavan – An Indian restaurant on the street. Googling about the opening hours I get disappointed.  I try to wake up my husband and our friends (whom we are visiting in Sydney) to accompany me for breakfast. All my efforts to wake them up ends in vain.

I am determined. I step out of the building to checkout if any place is open for breakfast. I stumble upon Two Sis on my way. I stop and take a look at the menu. My mind suddenly flips to taste something sweet and I grab a seat outside the cafe.

I order a french toast.

  1. French Toast (3/5) – I am totally excited to see a beautiful plate of food. I have never eaten anything so pretty. Crumb friend brioche slice topped with candy floss. There is way too much candy floss on this plate. The toast lost its crunch before I could finish it. I learned a lesson – Don’t get deceived by looks!


As I wait for my order, I see my husband with our friend Abe walking towards me. I am super excited because I will get to taste the breakfasts they order too! They ordered savoury ones!

2. Wild mushrooms (5/5) – A filling upto the mark breakfast. Loved the perfection and balance of each element on this plate.


3. Fruity punch ( 4/5 ) – Passion fruit, mango and orange frappe. Refreshing!




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