Pok Pok Junior


Pad Thai is one of my recent favourites.

I love the sweet, sour and slightly hot nature of the sauce that coats the not so thick strands of the rice noodles. The freshness of coriander leaves and the crunchiness of bean sprouts. Some broken roasted peanuts to give a nutty twist. Squeeze a wedge of lemon on a warm plate of it and there you go! yuuuummm….

My first introduction to Pad Thai was by my friend Sreelakshmi. She came home one evening with a bottle of fish sauce and a printed recipe. Even though the recipe demanded rice noodles we substituted it with the readily available egg noodle. Being not so sure about the actual taste of Pad Thai, we adjusted the quantity of ingredients to suit our palate. I think we ended up making noodles instead of pad thai 😀

Years later I moved to Melbourne and got to taste the real Pad Thai. The taste slightly varies in each restaurant may be because they use their own style of sauce. If I ever visit a Thai place, I always end up ordering Pad Thai and so did last Tuesday.

Pok Pok Jr on Bourke Street in Melbourne’s CBD was the closest option for a quick lunch. They claim to serve hawker style thai street food that tastes like it was made in Bangkok.

Dishes ordered

  1. Chicken Pad Thai  (2.5/5)Pad ThaiThe sauce wasn’t good enough and was too little to adequately coat the noodles. It lacked the slight hit of chilli which if was there would have made me crave the next bite. It was good enough to settle my appetite but I wouldn’t say its the best available in town.
  2. Thai Green Curry with Vegetables (3.5/5)Thai Green Curry with riceCooked vegetables retained their crunch and colour. A slightly sweet and hot creamy curry.
  3. Khao mok gai (Muslim chicken rice with tumeric spiced rice, green chilli & ginger relish)  (3.5/5)img_8367-e1524102472636.jpgSlightly sweet and spicy but not hot at all! Chicken was well cooked, the fried onions added some crunch and the sweet ginger sauce complemented it well. The rice could be less sweet though!
  4. Bangkok Street Noodle (3/5)img_8362.jpgPorchetta pork, pork crackling, dried shrimp, tofu, shitake mushrooms, five spice, fried shallots & sticky chilli soy! It turned out too sweet!!

All the dishes had a tinge of sweetness to it. Some were really sweet while others were mildly sweet.

Is this how Hawker style Thai street food tastes like? I am not sure!


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