Mong’s Kitchen

If you ask me what would make me happy on my birthday without a second thought I would say a grand feast for lunch. Because that’s the way I am brought up. Birthdays bring me fond memories of my mom feeding me the best hand crafted delicacies that perfectly suit my palate. More than ten curries with Kerala’s brown rice and two types of dessert served on a freshly cut banana leaf is a divine experience especially when served by the one who brought you to this world!

But on birthdays in Melbourne especially when mom is not around, I never even dream of having a birthday feast. Instead, having dinner with friends on my birthday is something that I look forward to. This year just like the previous year we all gathered around a dinner table. Infact I was very much happy to see the numbers increase as years pass ❤

It was my choice to dine at Mong’s Kitchen. My friend and colleague Pragnya always spoke highly of their kimchi pancakes. I did make an attempt to try it out once but unfortunately they were closed on that day.  A perfect crispy pancake would be an unforgettable  experience especially on a birthday!

So here goes the birthday dinner menu:

  1. Edamame seasoned with chilli  : The previous day I watched John’s ( OnlyinJapan YouTube channel) video on Edamame so it was a natural instinct to try edamame at different places 😛 They tasted pretty good.
  2.  Korean rice cake seasoned with Korean style chilli sauce : Ellen (My colleague turned friend) planted in me an interest to try this out during one of our conversations on food. I guess they are made of sticky rice. They are very chewy. I like its feel in the mouth and the sweet and sour sauce.
  3. Kimchi pancake : Of course that’s what I am here for! Crispy and flavourful. Loved every bite of it ❤
  4. Prawn dumplings : I personally didn’t try it! I am allergic to prawns. What a shame 😦 Few minutes after it arrived, none was left on plate. I think that needs no further explanation.
  5. Vegetables Bibimbab : Served on a hot stone bowl. Vegetables and rice topped with a perfectly fried egg.
  6. Chicken Bulgogi : Tender and juicy chicken pieces stir fried in Korean sauces.
  7. Korean fried chicken : Crisp and juicy at the same time.



kimchi pancake
The star of the day! Kimchi Pancake ❤


BeFunky Collage

I was pretty happy with what I was served.

The hot stone bowls in which the Bibimbaps were served really made an impression. It added a crispy crust to the last grains of rice at the bottom of my bowl. It took me back to a childhood memory of me waiting for the Upma (a savoury semolina dish usually made for breakfast in South India) crusts that would stick to the bottom of a thick Iron skillet.

The place wasn’t crowded on the day we visited. It gave me a relaxed feeling and presented itself as a place where I would like to sit back and enjoy a nice meal. Not all birthdays are the same. The memories each bring are to be treasured and to be grateful for having a life that is worth living. On this birthday my search for Korean pancakes has come to a savoury end.

YES! This is indeed the right place for a crispy yummy KIMCHI PANCAKE ❤



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