Big Boy BBQ

I am not a fan of Burgers.

I think I am not against burgers but I am against the size of burgers. Don’t know if it’s a blessing or curse,  I have comparatively a smaller mouth opening! And it totally ruins my burger experience.

A burger is a careful compilation. A stack of complementary flavours. In each bite  you are supposed to get a little bit of everything in the stack. Only then you get to enjoy the jolly ride starting from the soft burger buns to a juicy patty via greens and fresh-cut or pickled veggies along side a melted cheese road. (A very common stacking pattern!)

For the above mentioned reason, I totally avoid burger places to the best of my ability. If at all I happened to step into one, I make sure to ask for cutlery along with my order just to avoid embarrassment while eating. ( There had been a couple of burger joint visits in the past where I would unwrap a burger to its individual components and devour them individually) So I hope you understand how I fail miserably in tasting a burger to its fullest.

Last week  on a rainy afternoon I walked through the Hardware lane in the CBD along with two of my colleagues(turned friends) hoping to grab a quick-lunch. Big Boy was unanimously chosen as the Japanese place we aimed at was closed for no reason. The place might be great to try out BBQ as the menu had a handful of good choices for it. But in spite of it all three of us ordered burgers.

The burgers we ordered:

  • Aussie chicken burger: Juicy meat. Soft bun. But the sour taste from the sauce overpowered rest of the flavours.
  • The 2 meat burger:  A generous portion of two types of meat (chicken and lamb)
  • The zee man burger: The fried onions did really make a difference.
Zee man burger

The overall experiecne was good except for my choice of burger. But I am very much convinced that this place has something more to offer than just burgers. So I in the near future will make sometime to visit this place again for a smoked BBQ.

Unitl then its a good bye Big Boy!



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