In recent years, I have noticed a trend where restaurants add the word ‘Modern’ to the cuisine they serve and I must whole heartedly agree that I am a huge fan of such endeavours. Because according to me, the moment you add ‘Modern’ to a cuisine, it wide opens the door to creativity. It gives the liberty to improvise, experiment and invent your own interpretations of a cuisine.

When visiting restaurants of these kind I do not expect authenticity of a traditional dish. I am there with the excitement and joy of a ten year old who is waiting to unbox a birthday gift. All that I expect is a surprise! A huge surprise!

On 13th July , almost around 1 in the afternoon, I eagerly waited for that surprise with a couple of my colleagues (turned friends) at SUDA – A modern Korean eatery. The place has its own character. The lighting, black board with some cute drawings and above all what really caught my eye was a small book shelf in one of its corners. The wait did not last long, the items we ordered arrived. Most of us had ordered the School lunch tray – rice with various side dishes! I have no clue how school lunches are served in Korea or a lunch in general to make a comparison.

IMG_5413My lunch tray had


  • a portion of rice
  • spicy chicken
  • salad greens
  • rolled omelette
  • crispy fried dumplings with sweet chilli sauce
  • lotus root chips with chilli mayo (ordered separate)


All that I can say is that I loved every bite of it ❤

A totally satisfying meal. There was simplicity and colourfulness in the presentation along with a balance of various tastes and textures. Do they really do justice to the word modern is a question up for debate but who wants to debate when your belly as well as your heart is content ?


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