Queen Victoria Night Market

Almost every Saturday I try not to miss my alarm because I very much look forward to be at The Queen Victoria Market before rush hours. The market opens at 6.a.m, so if you manage to wake up early and be there by 8ish you are safe! I usually reach by 8:30, grab a warm Borek or Golzeme for breakfast, then head to the stalls for shopping while enjoying my breakfast. It does not take me more than an hour or so to sort out everything that I would require for a week or twos cooking. But if I am late the story is different! So rise and shine 🙂 ( I learnt it the hard way!)

The one and only thing that brings me back here every saturday is its variety. The variety of choices that no supermarket in the city can provide. Be it any cuisine you choose to find ingredients for, I am sure QVM won’t dissapoint you.

She is indeed the Queen of all markets!! ❤

Not only she serves as a fresh produce paradise for culinary enthusiasts and home cooks, she also hosts the much happening night market in winters and summers. As Melbourne is experiencing winter now, the Winter market is on every Wednesday. Last Wednesday I got a sneak peak of the fun and food here. The lighting, the aroma of meat grills, live music and the carnival atmosphere is totally a new world. A total transformation from what you see on a usual market morning. There are a wide variety of grills, mulled wine, beer,soups and what not! Here too QVM surprises me (equally confuses me) with the variety of choices. The golden rule of being early applies here as well. The queues to order at popular stalls are indeed very long.



  • Fried bread ( Nepalese ) : Mildly sweet, deep fried. A good snack with a hot cup of Indian milk tea.
  • Lentil soup in a bread bowl (Soup factory) : A generous amount of yumminess.
  • Chicken skewers ( Malaysian style) : Soft and lightly sweet.
  • Churros with hot chocolate and Ice cream (Spanish) : Waited for 10minutes to grab a bowl. Over sweet for my taste.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The fun, buzz, hot food and drinks at the market are sure to bring a smile on your face. What else can you ask for on a cold winter evening!



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