Saravana Bhavan

Mostly after morning yoga, I crave for Indian breakfast. Steaming hot soft Idlis with chutney and sambar or a crispy ghee roast. But City of Melbourne makes it impossible unless I put my apron on and cook!

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Recently my colleague and friend mentioned about Saravana Bhavan opening a new branch here in the city. Yesterday we both after work made a quick plan to explore the place. Conveniently located on King street(131 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000), it’s a quick walk from our workplace. I sometimes wonder just like how Little Bourke is called China Town, King street must be called Little India. There are a couple of other Indian restaurants and an Indian grocery store besides the new Saravana Bhavan on Kings street.

They do not open for breakfast. So I need not be very excited about an early morning dosa or a cup of Madras coffee. Opens at 11.30 am just in time for lunch. Offers various combo meals and a good selection of dosas.


  • Poori Masala: Good pooris with decent potato masala.
  • Rava dosa: Crispy and came with sambar and three types of chutneys.
  • Vada: Crispy and light.
  • Madras Coffee: Very strong filter coffee! Just perfect with a plate of vada.

The overall experience is average. Friendly staff. Easy accessibility for city dwellers.

Will I come here again?

hmmm….. May be! 


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