I always have trouble answering a non-Indian colleague/friend who asks me

What do Indians eat?

Being an Indian, I find this the toughest because I seriously have no definite answer for this. India is a land of diversities not just in culture, language, dressing,etc. but also FOOD. Every 50 kilometers of travel in India will introduce you a new cuisine. So Indian cuisine is not just about Naan Breads, Butter Chicken, Biryanis and Dosas. It’s so much more. To experience it, you have to come to India!

I would say I am totally happy to see at least few Indian restaurants outside India these days make a bold attempt to introduce dishes that are not usually part of a typical Indian eatery. Recently I stumbled upon one of such kind in Melbourne.


Location: 365 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
visited on: 2nd July, 2017

Nice decor! Good Ambience, welcoming atmosphere.
Loved the wall painting 😍
Friendly staff.
Everything went well and we paid 79 AUD. 😋

Off the beaten track dishes:

  • Banana leaf fried fish
  • Idiyappam

In my 2 years of stay in Melbourne CBD I have never spotted a menu that served anything typical to Kerala. This was totally a happy moment for me.
Dishes Ordered:

  • Banana leaf fried fish
    It came wrapped in a banana leaf as promised. A generous portion of white meat covered in a thick gravy. Accompaniments were two rice cakes (idli) with a bit of chutney on top. It must be an improvised version to suit the local palate. Mild compared to the ones served in Kerala. Flavourful. Tender and juicy meat just the way I like it.

Expected that unique aroma on unfolding the leaf which was missing (surprise)!and also the Kerala flavour medley of coconut with spices. It is sometimes very challenging to bring authentic taste to a dish with local ingredients! So I am happy that Mukka introduces a speciality of Kerala to Melbournians!

  • Idiyappam
    Not like the idiyappams served in a traditional restaurant back in Kerala. They resemble more of a home cooked version.
    Small, Light,Fluffy and Soft.

They come with a bowl of vegetable stew. Again a home cooked version. Adapted   well to the local palate. Less of pepper, ginger and more of that sweet coconut milk in the gravy. Light and healthy❤️

  • Classic Masala Dosa
    Crispy Dosa. Nothing special. Average.
  • Pea Pulao and Lamb Saag
    Flavourful and tender meat. Well cooked rice with nicely tempered jeera and peas.
    Loved every bite of it.
  • Jelebi with two scoops of ice cream
    Cold jelebi. It went well with the ice cream. I am still confused what style of jelebi was it 🤔 It did not taste like the ones that we buy in Kerala bakeries ( The soggy orange coloured fat jelebi) or the North Indian crispy thin ones. Is there any other style of jelebi that I am not aware of?

Anyway that was a sweet ending to a flavourful hearty meal at Mukka.
Will I visit again?

YES for sure!

@mukka ✅ 🙏


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